This is the film career service you have been looking for straight forward, professional advice from someone who understands the film industry. I have worked in the film industry for many years, from Indies to Major budgets. I know how this industry works.

Filmmaker CV Service

Feedback on your current Filmmaker CV / Resume. A New CV created for you in the correct industry format, ready for you to start sending off to jobs. A Career Report breaking down your present career situation. Detailed advice figuring out what job direction to go down, what work route to take and cover letters created for you.

What You Get -

  • A New CV Design

  • A Full Career Report

  • All Your Questions Answered

  • A Copy Of My E-Book ‘Find Work In Film’

  • Happiness Guarantee


What Job Roles do you cover? - All freelance film crew job roles and full-time job roles within the film industry.

Is this service for me? - This is for all filmmakers, for those just starting out,  for those changing their careers over to the film industry. The CV’s I have designed so far have come from individuals at different stages in their career.

I’m not from the UK can I still apply? - Yes, film crew CV / Resume design is the same world-wide. I have designed CV’s and Reports before for filmmakers around Europe, Americas and Oceania - all CV’s will be written in English.

When will I get my CV / Report? - I am going to be working on a first come first serve basis. When you sign up I will let you know the current waiting time. Typically you will get everything within a week.

Happiness Guarantee? - I wouldn’t want you to be dissatisfied with my service. You will get everything listed above. If you have any additional questions, concerns we will work through them. I don’t give full refunds on my services after I have put the work in to create reports and designed CV’s. If you are uncertain if this service is for you get in touch and we will talk through your current situation. Contact -