A list of film production job sites (Last updated aug 2018)

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Jobs in the Entertainment Industry, A list of up to date job sites (last updated Summer 2018) and I will update this list every year

This post also comes with more advice on how to apply to film production jobs online. You can download the updated list below - 

Why apply to Film Jobs Online

At first you will be applying to film jobs online, unless you know someone who could get you a job on a film set.

Online is the easiest way to find out what productions are happening in your location. Have a think about what connections you have already in film (maybe you know someone from a job you worked on several years ago, perhaps an old class mate is working in film).

Unless you know someone who could recommend you for work you will be applying to jobs online.

Online Communities

Facebook groups have became a great way to find out about productions and network with local crew.

Use the search bar on any social media. I have found jobs before by simple typing my job title into the Twitter search bar. Think of a social media search bar just like Google's search bar.

Once again use Facebook's search bar as you would Google and this time search specifically for groups.

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Attend Local networking events

It is always beneficial to network face to face.

You can find events held at local cinemas, film festivals, advertised on social media such as Facebook groups. Meetup events are held world-wide. Film job sites might have offline events and film schools may hold networking days. Your local film council may also be able to help you.

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You must be persistent. Expect to get 1 out of every 10 jobs you apply for when you are first starting out. When first applying to industry jobs apply to jobs in bulk. 

Find at least 5 websites that advertise jobs in your location, find production companies that you would like to work with, follow them on social media, bookmark their career pages. Set yourself a goal, such as apply for 5 jobs a week.  

The main reasons people struggle to find film work

  • They have not defined their job role. You are not a one man film crew, what is your job going to be on set, head towards where your skills lie.

  • They do not have any relevant experience. Try to list 5 credits onto your CV within that one specific job role. If you can not you may need to do some free/student work

  • They are not prepared to travel. Any major city in the world will have film work. Being open for travel will bring you more work in the long run.

  • They are not applying to enough jobs. You're going to have to search and apply every week for work at first, until you have made contacts in this industry you need to keep putting yourself out there.

It won't be easy to land your first few film production jobs, when you don't have contacts applying online will be the simplest way to do it.

After a year or so you will start to get called up with job offers. Get yourself into the habit of applying every week, every day and in time your film work will be consistent.  

I hope this has been helpful. Are there any film production job sites that you would recommend? 

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