An updated list of film production job sites & advice on how to get jobs in the entertainment industry

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Jobs in the Entertainment Industry, A list of up to date job sites (last updated Spring 2017) and advice on how to apply for film production jobs online. Download the updated list below.

My experience applying to film jobs 

It was 2008 when I first started to look for work in the film industry. The great recession had just sprang and normal jobs were hard to come by. The film industry however was booming, more films were made between 2008-2012 than at any other time in history and it may stay the highest point of film production for a long time. Filmmakers of this world where going through the Digital revolution, the DSLR craze and jumping onto the Crowdfunding bandwagon. It felt that everyone back then was making a film.

Online Film job sites and forums were being widely used to promote film work, for the first time finding production work online became the answer. The majority of the job sites back then were free to use. The majority of work however was low paid, unprofessional, gung-ho cowboy shoots. First time producers thought it would be easy to make films, the anyone can do it attitude, digital cameras knocked the production cost in half. Naive young directors carried with them copies of Rodriguez's Rebel Without a Crew - all you need is a camera and a story mindset. Make the film and it will sell, long live Sundance dreams. 

I worked on a lot of these shoots whilst at university, I was encouraged to stay in education during the recession. I didn't care much for study my thought being experiance would triumph over formal education (there is some truth there). 

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The low budget films back then all failed to make it big. There was more competition, it didn’t matter if you made an OK film, there was still only the same number of slots left at the top. It was harder to get your film noticed, don't take it personally if your film didn't get noticed back then, those years weren't the easiest for standing out. 

A lesson learnt from the start of this century, more media doesn’t mean a better world. Hopefully if you are starting out now the film productions you work on will be carried out with a more professional practice. A lot of film job sites are not free anymore but there is less competition. 

Use social media to your advantage. Get good with Google search – bookmark careers sections on production company websites and check back every month, search specifically for job roles, Make it easy for people to find you and see your showreel online. Keep in touch with crew you work with.

How to find film production jobs online

You must be persistent. Expect to get 1 out of every 10 jobs you apply for when you are first starting out. I have created a free email course How to find work in the Film Industry with more detailed advice on how to find film work. 

Make sure your CV is in the correct format, ideally have some experience credits already listed (you can place student films onto your CV). Find at least 5 websites that advertise jobs in your location, find production companies that you would like to work with, follow them on social media, bookmark their career pages. Set yourself a goal, such as apply for 4 jobs a week.  

The main reasons people struggle to find film work

  • They have not defined there job role. You are not a one man film crew, what is your job going to be on set, head towards where your skills lie.
  • They do not have any relevant experience. Try to list 5 credits onto your CV within that one specific job role. If you can not you may need to do some free/student work
  • They are not prepared to travel. Any major cities in the world will have film work. Being open for travel will bring you more work in the long run. 
  • They are not applying to enough jobs. You're going to have to search and apply every week for work at first, until you have made contacts in this industry you need to keep putting yourself out there.

It won't be easy to land your first few production jobs, but work comes easy after that. Get yourself into the habit of applying every week, every day and in time your work will be consistent.

I hope this has been helpful. Are there any film production job sites that you would recommend? How do you find film jobs yourself feel free to share below.