Blog Progress Report 2018

This is a post looking at my Blogs progress. I do one of these reports every year to share how my blog has been developing. Last years report can be read here.

I have been developing this blog for 2 years. I was feeling overly confident that I could double my blogs income this year. I haven’t achieved this goal but my income from this blog is becoming more consistent and reliable.

So called experts

The Internet is in a constant state of flux which is why advice on ‘how to make money from your blog’ or ‘grow your blogs traffic’ can be misleading. What worked for one person, at a particular point of time might not work for you. Any advice on blogging just a handful of years ago is obsolete. Which is why you need to keep updated on how the internet is evolving and experiment with what works for you.

I made a mistake at the start of this year with producing an online course. At the time online courses where all the rage and every blogging expert recommended that you spend a lot of time and money making one. The time it took to make my course, sell it and maintain it was not worth it. This left me feeling uncertain how I was going to continue to pursue an income from my blog.

Many eggs, many baskets

The best advice on making money from your blog is to have your income coming in from a handful of resources. In August I launched my E-book ‘Find Work In Film’ and I also welcomed on display advertisements on my blog. There is a lot of advice online telling you not to allow advertisements on your site that doing so will disrupt traffic and would only pay out a few dollars. I use Ezoic for my ads and I was surprised to find that I was missing out on worth while income.

On display ads have had no negative effect on my blog. I get paid monthly and with my increasing traffic there are options for me to sign up to bigger advertising networks in the future. If you are getting traffic of above 10K sessions a month it is worth placing ads on your blog. I also occasionally make income from affiliate links and my ‘1-1 Filmmaker CV Service’.

Growing my audience

I started this year with 10K unique visitors a month and now have 15K unique visitors a month. I could have done a lot better with blog growth but was uncertain how to do so. From September I started to research and take action on growing my blog - so the extra growth is all from 3 months of work.

I have done this by posting more often, updating old blog posts and making my site friendly with Google. The majority of my traffic comes from search engines and the rest from Pinterest, Social Media and Back links. The site Backlinko is a good resource for learning how to grow your blog.

Goals for the new year

I still plan on having this blog produce a full-time income. Currently I work part-time 2 days a week at a fast food restaurant and I make up the rest of my income with this blog. I have started to become more organised clocking my work hours and make an effort to be more productive. The hardest part of working for yourself is the motivation to get up and work in the morning when there are so many distractions.

I have decided to give myself the target of reaching 50K unique visitors a month for 2019 which will not only provide a full time income but make this blog one of the largest film making blogs in the world. Growth like this will be hard but I have learnt a lot on growing consistent traffic over the past few months.

Life in General

My life is pretty good right now, I have managed to find a part-time job that doesn’t leave me feeling stressed at the end of a shift. I have started to exercise regularly this year and go out more with friends. I have always felt that I need to have a career but I feel comfortable with the uncertainty right now.

I still have a short film I made that I need to edit and complete. I am also doing a lot more creative writing which I hope will improve my writing in general. I have even started writing a Science Fiction novel - no promises I will finish it but its good to be busy with a bunch of projects.

Best of luck to everyone this new year! Amy Clarke Films will start producing content again from January 7th 2019.

You can find me via Twitter here - @amyclarkefilms