6 Awesome! Online video production business ideas

In this post I want to help spark some ideas on how to start an online based video production business.

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I have been blogging for a couple of years now and make a small income from this blog. It is helpful to have a passive income stream when you are pursuing a creative career.

Making any income online is hard and takes time (It will take many years to build any online business there are no quick wins) however the freedom the internet can provide is appealing to many. This is a list of 6 business video production ideas that can be done from online with no need to step outside of the home office.

1. YouTuber

The obvious first choice for any filmmaker at the start of this century. YouTube videos can be about anything, on any topic, from Vlogs to narrative films.

Although it will take years of work you can make a lifestyle business out of YouTube. Google gives you a percent of their advertising revenue made from their commercials shown within your video. This income however is tiny, but further monetization can be made from affiliate links, sponsorship’s and selling your own products.

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Creative North are a good example of a film production company using YouTube to build an audience. There are thousands of examples of YouTuber’s making a decent revenue from their videos.

2. Music Video Producer

Musicians that are using the internet to find a following might not have the skills to make a good music video. You need not even leave your home office to make a video for a band online. The idea is to create visual videos that help compliment a song. These videos could be for YouTube, social media or clips for adverts. You could to organise to film the band or be clever with your use of graphics and animation.

A great example of a band using internet videos to attract attention are Super Organism their graphic animated video ‘Everyone Wants To Be Famous’ has gone viral attracting millions of viewers.

3. Internet commercial production

You know those adverts shown at the start of YouTube videos or those mini ads on websites - a company has made them.

With business growing online, lots of start-ups are looking for someone to create commercials (both video and graphics) that they can used within their google ads campaigns and placed onto websites. Demand is growing for higher quality online commercials. There are website advertising businesses and agencies you can work with to find potential clients.

4. The Virtual Videographer

Online businesses and bloggers need remote videographers to help them create video content. These positions may also be advertised on job sites or freelance sites such as Behance. Bloggers may need help editing their YouTube videos, creating commercial content, creating intros to Vlogs or videos for online courses.

YouTube and video online is growing. Lots of technology sites predict that online Film making skills will become more in demand in the following years. Before approaching this route extensive research will be needed, join blogger Facebook groups, forums and find out just what your audience are needing help with.

Video is said to account for 80% of all internet traffic by 2019 - Source

5. Digital Animator

If you have the skills whether this be After Effects, motion graphic animation or more professional such as Maya. Freelance digital animation jobs pop up online all the time, there is a demand for this very skilled position in film making, commercial and games production.

Even stop motion animation could be a home based video production business model – targeting bloggers, online commercial production and musicians.

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6. Product Videography

Businesses want videos of their products not just photography. This could be stylish shots of the product, demonstrations or un-boxing videos. This has been used majorly in the past few years by the fashion and toy industry. Any product could benefit from professional coverage this could be created in a simple home studio.

Like all of these examples above it would be a matter of doing your audience research, building a portfolio and taking the time to market your business online.

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I have done my research into these business video production ideas. Ideally I wished to come up with a longer list but I was limiting myself to virtual video production that could be done remotely from a home office.

A production company can offer a wide range of video production services both online and off. The importance is to make sure there is an audience and demand for it before marketing to the masses.

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