Careers in film, Why make a career plan as a filmmaker?

careers in film, filmmaker career plan

A plan helps us with achieving our goals, it keeps us on track and lets us know when we are doubting ourselves that we are heading in the right direction. 

Before I started to plan my career, I rushed in and was left exhausted and disheartened. Planning gave me control over my work, it let me know that the work I was doing to get to where I wanted was worth it. 

I have just opened the doors to my course Film Career Course. It is a course made especially for filmmakers to help them plan out their career. I have made it step by step and organised it so as you can go through it and plan out your film career. The course also comes with a 1-1 session at the end where I will give you feedback on your career plan and any personal support needed for your situation.  The Course is open for one week only!

Check out the course details here

Why do you need a Film Career Plan?

1. To avoid doing nothing

Without a plan, without goals to aim for, you may keep falling back on your goals. You might say to yourself ‘I will do this another month’ giving yourself an excuse not to get up and make progress. A plan lets you know what you are supposed to be doing each month to strive towards your goals.  It is a way of keeping track of your progress.

2. To avoid wasting time

At the start of your film career you may feel that you are wasting time working on low budget film sets or in internships. A plan reminds you why you are doing work that you may not enjoy so much, it reminds you why you are taking these steps.  A career plan is here to create tangible steps you can actually take towards your goal.

3. To have confidence in your actions and productivity

If you send off for a handful of jobs but don’t hear any reply back you may feel disheartened. Perhaps your CV is not in good enough shape, you may be applying for the wrong type of job.  You need to have confidence in actions you are taking to move forwards, there is no guarantee that you will always make the right decisions but a plan at best avoids regret.

4. You Take less risks

You dont need to put yourself in any risk, a plan lets you know the reality how long it will take to get your film job. A plan gives you time to decide what job you are going to pursue, broaden your perspective and develop your skills. A plan places you into the center of your actions, it makes you accountable for putting the work in, having an accountability partner can help us with sticking to our commitments. 

Film Career Course also comes with a private Facebook group for all students to attend and work on the course modules together

5. You take responsibility for your weaknesses

With a career plan You take more responsibility for your weaknesses. You can be more honest with yourself - it is much harder to admit to what we are not good at doing.  A plan helps you take action on strengthening your weakness advance.  You also have more financial responsibility and you are less likely to make an unexpected expense.

6. To have Have everything ready from the get-go

Maybe you didn’t have a show reel ready, and missed out on a job. Maybe you dont have a cover letter, having a plan lets you have all the paper work ready and jobs sites bookmarked. A film career plan simply saves you time, Why not make things easier for yourself and avoid uncertainty. Access to my course will close this weekend (Saturday 5th August).

The course looks at many topics and film jobs from freelancing to full time contracted work in the film industry. If you are going to start taking your film career seriously why not do so with support and guidance. 

Be sure to check out my course details here before time runs out. 

If you have questions on career planning and if the course is right for you leave me a message below and I will let you know.