Where to find Film Internships and trainee placements

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In this post you will learn about how to find film internships. To begin with there is a list of places that advertise entry level positions in the UK and USA. 

I will also show you five tactics to find film and media internships no matter where you are based in the world. 

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Where to look for film internships

It is best to choose one major location to work and network within, if you are in the USA this will be one state - however if you are based in a smaller country like England you can search throughout the whole country as travel is not an issue.

No matter where you are based you should be able to find film internships using these following five tactics. 

1. Sometimes a Google Search is all you need

Google lists jobs it finds around the web on careers sites and LinkedIn. Choose keywords that match your job position and city you wish to work within.

This was on my Google search for Camera Trainee Jobs two high quality paid internships with the BBC - 

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2. Larger Production Companies have career pages - 

If there is a specific company you wish to work for check if they have a career page. Companies may advertise jobs or work experience positions.  You can also bookmark these sites and check every month to see if positions have opened up –

Major production company Tiger Aspect advertises work experience on their site - 

Film Internships

3. Check if you have a Film Council or Film Office - 

The UK does a good job with its region based film offices the majority of cities have one. Wherever you are based Google search to find your local film office. Sometimes they do advertise crew jobs and film internships outright on their site. 

America's State Georgia does an amazing job of providing resources to their filmmakers - 

film and media internships

4. Forums and Facebook groups

Facebook groups have become the place to find film industry jobs. Use Facebook like Google to search for filmmaking groups in your area. These groups sometimes advertise paid entry level jobs and it can be a good way to network within your local film industry. Forums like Reddit could help with information on where to find jobs in your area.

People looking for work Facebook Group advertises paid runner jobs every week - 

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5. And Don't forget to network offline -

People are more likely to hire you if they have met you in person. The film industry does work on a who knows who basis, and although attending networking events may not lead directly to work, there is no saying how these connections will benefit you in the long run. 

To help make things super easy I have created a list of places to networking which you can download below - 


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Free Vs Paid Internships

There are internships that are fully paid and the sites I have listed above do tend to promote paid work over free labour. However I have never met anyone who has worked in film and not had to at one point work for free.

The majority of film productions made are low budget and working just a few of these at the start of your career can teach you the basics. Having some work experience on your CV can make you stand out against someone with no experience.

If you can afford it a free internship of 1-3 months at a good company could help you gain this initial experience. I also understand that some Universities require this experience in order for you to pass your education.

Issues with entry level work

If you can't afford to work a few months for free then stick to paid entry level work. If you ever find yourself being mistreated on a film set, understand if you are unhappy with your experience you can leave.

Being the highly competitive industry it is, film can breed abuse. Unfortunately one of the first feature film sets I worked on had a particularly bully 1st AD - who would over work Runners and ban them from eating and socialising with the rest of the crew. 

The experience wasn't a good one and I wish I had left early - I know now this would not have affected the rest of my career.  

I hope this list helps you with finding film internships in your area. You can find me via Twitter here - @amyclarkefilms