Do filmmakers need a CV?

film production cv

It is a misconception from some filmmakers and creatives that they don’t need a CV. That all of their work will come from word of mouth. In time you will become well known enough to not need a CV however at the start of your career, when you don’t know enough people to recommend you for work, you will need a CV to send off for job applications. Your film work will likely at the start of your career come from online and these online jobs will always ask for a CV. 

You can download the simple Filmmaker CV template below: 

More reasons you need a film production CV:

5 reasons you need a CV if you are a filmmaker

1. You will be asked for one

Even when I was recommended for jobs I was asked to send over my CV to the producer. My CV was the last thing that stood between me and the job. Even if you get the job you still might be asked to send over your CV to the production office at some point. And why not have your film production CV filed onto the production offices computer, they might ask you back to work for them in the future, it's good to be more than a number on the producer's mobile phone.

2. It lets people know where your skills lie

You might have been asked to join the art dept from a recommendation, but where does the line producer place you. What skills do you have, are you good at making things and should be placed within props, or would you be best on set as an art dept runner? Your CV lets the department head know exactly what job role is best suited for you. It shows off all of your skills and talents so you can work to your full potential. 

3. To justify your day rate

Your CV will help you negotiate a higher working day rate. If a producer is recommended to hire you from a director,what should they pay you. They might under pay you a mates rate, they might undervalue you but your CV will help you prove to them that your day rate is worth it. Your film production CV is there to show off your skills in the simplest way, it lets people know your worth.  It shows how much experience you have and provides links to your show reel or portfolio for further testimony.

4. To identify gaps in skills, knowledge and experience

For your own personal reference a CV is useful, it lets you outline on a page or two what you have done in your career, how much experience you have, it lets you see what skills are missing, what could be added to look more impressive. It lets you know from a glance what are you lacking that another person in competition with you might have. It allows you to be critical of yourself, consider what you could add to be a more hireable person.

5. It shows off your personality

Lastly a small note, your CV serves as your first introduction, it is the first thing your boss will see before meeting you. I encourage people to show off anything interesting, unusual or special in their skills section in sports, languages, if they have travelled widely, can play on instrument or have an interesting hobby such as as fishing or even knitting. Whatever you are good at, if you are good at something this can show a little personality and it might resonate well with the person reading your CV. Your film production CV is there to sell yourself and you should be proud of the accomplishments you have made so far in life. 

So I hope I have done enough here to convince you to make your own filmmaker CV. I am currently creating a workbook full of CV & cover letter examples to be launched in a few weeks time.  If you need any more convincing or have any questions let me know below. The film production CV template download can be used to help you design your own CV in the correct industry format.