How to find FULL-TIME filmmaker jobs

There are full-time, contracted (possibly 9-5) jobs in the film industry. In this article you will learn about what type of full-time filmmaker jobs are available and how to find them.

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Full-Time Filmmaker Jobs

The majority of creative film production crew job roles are freelance (aka self-employed). However, there are some full-time film jobs out there that come will all of the benefits of a regular day job. A full-time film job will be contracted, so guaranteed work hours, and a monthly wage. It will also come with any extra benefits such as healthcare and holiday pay.

Self-employment is a lot harder to start out within. It will take a lot of time to build up enough clients and trust in the film industry to make a full-time wage from freelance film crew work. Many filmmakers start out working in film whilst keeping a flexible part-time job (or live with family until they make enough consistent money from self-employment).

If you currently have a full-time job then transferring to a full-time film job might be easier than turning self-employed. Alternatively, if you have responsibilities in life (such as children or a mortgage) staying in full-time work might be best.

Types Of Full-Time Filmmaker Jobs

The majority of full-time filmmaker jobs are in pre-production and post-production. In pre-production, you will find many full-time production office jobs. In post-production, you will find full-time editing and computer visual effects jobs (VFX/CGI).

Full-time production crew jobs are harder to find. However, you might find these in TV, commercial production and for creative agencies. I have known full-time directors and writers working for recurring soap operas, and full-time in house directors for commercial agencies. You will need past experience if applying to full-time competitive production crew job roles. All Feature film production crew work will be self-employed.

Others places to look – news broadcast, sports broadcast, recurring TV shows such as soap operas, other creative industries such as Games, Fashion and Marketing.

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Where To Find Full-Time Film Jobs

You will find these jobs on regular job sites, film jobs sites and from looking on companies own career pages. If there is a specific company you would like to work for bookmark their career page and check back regularly for job openings. Huge companies such as the BBC, Sony Pictures and Lucas Film will have many jobs consistently advertised on their career pages. As mentioned previously feature film crew jobs will not be on a full-time basis, nor advertised on these websites.

How To Get A Full-Time Film Job

If you are new to the film industry apply for entry-level full-time jobs. This may be as a runner, production assistant or within a specific trainee job role. I have known people to start out at the bottom of large companies and work there way up to producer/director roles.

If you currently have a full-time day job consider how your past experience would transfer over to a full-time film job. If you are working in an office, admin skills could be transferred over directly to a production office. If you work in marketing, consider a marketing job role within a TV company.

Full-time production crew jobs will be the most competitive and you might need previous experience and education before approaching this work. For example, the BBC’s assistant producer job role asks for experience in factual entertainment, experience writing treatments, previous editing/self shooter experience, good relationship/people skills and a clean UK driving license.

If I aimed to work within a job like this, I would approach smaller companies first and work for them within a similar role. I would also take an additional course, such as NFTS’s short course in producing or television development. Any career change is going to take time, you might also need to move location or consider additional higher education depending on your desired job role.

I hope you have learned more about the different types of filmmaker jobs there are available. If you have any questions let me know in the comments section or via @amyclarkefilms