Gifts for Film Students

This post contains a list of filmmaker gift ideas. This is not just for Christmas but all year round gift ideas. The majority of these items I personally own and use myself. I have stayed under the under $50 price range, all items can be purchased and shipped world wide.

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I have written other posts on books for film students before here. The best book you could buy a film student or a newbie to film making is Rebel without a Crew It is not a technical book but it is great inspiration for getting started. The book is the journal of director Robert Rodriguez on how he began his career in the film industry.

For aspiring Cinematographers get If It’s Purple, Someone’s Gonna Die: The Power of Color in Visual Storytelling. Which is all about colour theory in film through lighting and design. Not many people have heard of this book before so it unlikely your filmmaker in mind has it already.  

For screenwriters Save the Cat! This is a classic best selling book for screenwriters. All of these are great books, if the filmmaker in your life needs a gift you can’t go wrong with a good book.

Clapper Board

Want more practical gifts for film students. How about A fully working Acrylic Clapboard. This one is a white dry wipe board, perfect for use on student films and indie productions. You could accompany the gift with a white board pen set and perhaps write the name of the person you are sending it to under the Director or DOP title.

American Cinematographer

I was unsure what to get my Director Of Photography boyfriend last Christmas. This is a perfect gift idea for aspiring Cinematographers or gifts for film students interested in cameras and lighting. The magazine has lots of detail into how films are shot, and features interviews with DOP’s and Directors every month.  I get the magazine delivered to the house every month without fail. In the UK it costs around £50 for the year. It is much cheaper for America (around $30) since you need not pay for international postage. You can buy a digital subscription, physical magazine copy or both.

See the full price range here.

Gift ideas for filmmakers and film students

Camera Assistant Pouch

If your film student in mind wishes to work on film sets in the camera department a decent camera assistant pouch is needed. See Cinebags AC Pouches. Any filmmaker will always need more memory cards if they own a camera getting more cards is always needed. SD cards and CF Cards (Depending on what camera they have, would be a good idea to check what camera they own first). Backpacks and bags for their equipment would also be appreciated.

Mubi Subscription

Mubi is an online subscription site dedicated to cult, classic and world cinema. It is basically Netflix for film geeks. It would be a great gift for a film student since it ties in perfectly with their passion, every day you get a new film so that is 365 films a year as a gift. The subscription costs $7 per month and can be given to anyone you know as a gift – see this link here.

Len's Mug

For some reason these guys where all the rage last year. There are two in my mug cupboard already. This could be a good idea for a stocking filler. This one here even has a lid (unlike mine) so you can use it as a flask on film sets too.

Hope these ideas have helped you at least spark some ideas on what to get. You can find me via Twitter here - @amyclarkefilms