Tips for Staying Motivated as a Filmmaker

staying motivated as a filmmaker

As a filmmaker you have already made the decision to swim against society’s tide. You might just be that lucky person who quickly rises above the ranks, and gets placements on major film sets, securing themselves financially from the start. For most of us the journey will be a challenge, especially bridging the film employment gap from education or another job. 

For a dream job like this it will be more difficult for you to navigate there is no clear ladder route or direction on how to get the job you want. It will be more difficult for you to garner support from friends and family. Unlike other workers you might not get the safety net of regular pay, luxury’s such as medical care, pensions and holiday pay.

Yes our journey will be harder than most, still we must keep going keep your eye on the prize, and remember all that stands between our goal and us is time and hard work. If you have been caught by the creative bug, you might never be able to shake it off – staying positive and motivated throughout our journey is necessary, there is no doubt this will be harder at times but we must keep going against the current.  

Keep your eye on the prize

At points in your career you will start to doubt yourself, wondering if you ever should have chosen this path in the first place. keep your eye on the prize and where you want to be, a creative job will come with its roller-coaster of highs and lows. That end goal can also change, evolve and so can your journey to get there. Guess what - I may never be a film director, I might change my mind along the way and find happiness in something else, happiness should be how you weigh up success.

Setting your own deadlines

It was easier during education when your where given a deadline for a task and if you had an ordinary job with a boss standing over you you would find it easier to get work done too. I have found working from home hard for motivation, getting up in the mornings without a place to be is sometimes impossible. But I have found that setting your own deadlines, in terms of myself creating content and for a filmmaker setting your self a goal or knowing you need the film complete by a certain time for a competition , a film festival can help. Letting other people know about you targets can trick guilt you into taking action as you don’t want to let other people down. It helps to create your own deadlines for creative tasks.

rewarding yourself

For example If you finish writing a script or making a film - reward yourself with a trip or buy yourself something nice. Yes it works, we are simple human beings, in the past we where awarded in education and in the workplace we might get praise or a promotion. When you have completed a difficult task reward yourself, especially if you are self employed, in the workplace you might go out with a group of people for drinks to celebrate the completion of a task be sure to celebrate your achievements even when you work alone.

Surround yourself with positive people

It can be hard to find people who believe in you when your dream is so far away. As an adult we don’t need to stay around people who bring us down. Surround yourself with positive happy and hard working people likely this will rub off on you. Especially if there is someone who is toxic or putting you down, this can avoided. Having happy healthy mental health is important. It is going to be hard to live the creative life so make it as easy for yourself as possible.

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