My Thoughts On YouTube 2018

In April this year I decided to start a YouTube Channel.

I have never considered doing YouTube before. I have always been more focused on making films in a more traditional way. I have had this blog for a couple of years and a few readers suggested that I start a YouTube Channel.

My Channel was created simply to support this blog. To give my blog readers an alternative media however I have struggled with YouTube for a handful of reasons.

Thoughts on being a youtuber.jpg

The problem with YouTube is that it feels like a numbers game. The object like any other social media is to collect as many subscribers as possible. YouTube wants you to be making constant content and it rewards you for doing so by giving you a percent of its advertising profits shown on your videos. It is hard to make good money off YouTube but it is not impossible.

Making constant content whilst trying juggle life is hard and I struggled to make more videos (It easily takes 4-6 hours to make one 5 minute video).

Personally the hardest part of YouTube was being on camera. As someone who’s always been behind the camera and never done drama, performing is not natural for me. I am the kind of person who hates to be the centre of attention.

There’s something about editing footage of your own face when you don’t like how you look that makes everything worse. I can see all of the problems up close, my broken nose, the chip on my front tooth and why does everyone on YouTube have such perfectly white TV presenter teeth? YouTube standards of presentation are very high

I Just don’t want to be a YouTuber.

However I am going to keep making videos. Mainly because it seems like my blog audience wants them. However there will be some changes, I am only going to be making a couple of videos a month, the videos are going to be more relaxed (perhaps shot on a phone) and I have also removed the subscriber count so I don’t have to count numbers.

Honestly the stats I check on Google analytics to see if this blog is growing is enough for me. So it might take me while to get into this but hopefully by next year more videos.

And there are good things about YouTube too! I have already spoken to a lot of new people on there and started interesting discussions. There are also so many talented filmmaking YouTubers and I fully support their work!

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So that’s how I feel about YouTube right now. I also created a video to explain more and to let you know where I am in my life right now - Watch Here

You can find me via Twitter here - @amyclarkefilms