New Year Goal Setting For Filmmakers

This post contains tips on how to plan out your year effectively. How to set goals, get motivated and have a productive year. Although primarily talking about the careers in the film industry you can apply these tips towards your own personal lifestyle.

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I have an image in my mind on how I want this year to go. Whilst in the past my ambitions have been foggy, by the end of this year it is clear to me that I need to have made considerable progress with my online business. The past two years for me have been about learning new skills and testing my new online career to see if it was good fit but now it is time to take action.

At the moment in my life I make my income from two sources first this blog and second a part time job. I work at a fast food restaurant 2 days a week for the security pay check however at the end of this year I wish to take my online business full time.

What is your main career goal for this year?

How much progress can you realistically make in 12 months? I have been building this blog for two years previously, keep in mind that any new career change will take time. Here are some examples of what your goal might be –

  • To have my first paid film job

  • To make a full time income from film work

  • To intern at a production company

Goal Setting

I have found that setting one big goal for the year doesn’t always work. This is because life is unpredictable. For example you might want to gain a six pack this year but be unable to as you get sick half way through. This is where setting quarterly goals comes in, that way you can adjust and alter your goals after every 3 months.

For myself this is important, I have a few ‘leads’ into advertisers for my blog that may not work out. If they do work out I will be well into my main goal of going full-time half way through this year, if not I will have to rethink my approach.

You might find after 3 months your current career plans are not going as smoothly as you expect them too. Which is why quarterly goals work best, adapting as you learn new information throughout the year.


I originally shunned having a daily routine. As a freelancer I wanted my days to flow how I wanted them, working when I was in the mood, to be as far away from a normal job as I could make it. However having a routine can help both with productivity and mental health.

Last year I had no routine. I had goals I wanted to accomplish but my days where plagued by late starts and I struggled to find the time to get everything done.

This year I have created a basic daily routine ( I even created a graph for this on my computer), this routine isn’t too strict but it does set out blocks of time every day to get work done. For myself this includes exercise, work and leisure time with at least one day off each week.

If your first routine doesn’t work out, you can tweak it as you go along. Every 3 months l will look back at my goals and evaluate what’s working and what isn’t.

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Achieving your goals is going to be hard without a ton of motivation. A decrease in motivation is going to hit you at some point this year, you need to remember just why you are working towards your goals to feel continuously motivated. For myself working online gives me freedom and independence, the freedom to travel and the luxury of being my own boss.

Remember to treat yourself when you are working towards your goals. Last year I didn’t take a single holiday, this left me unmotivated at times wondering why I was putting in so much time into my blog. Working on my blog will ultimately lead to me being remotely self employed and I need to keep reminding myself of this one big goal.

To do this I will be treating myself approx once every 3 months. So after every 3 months I will keep myself motivated with a trip to someplace I want to visit. For now this will only be trips to nearby cities but it gives me something to look forward to and work towards. For other people this might be buying themselves new shoes, downloading a computer game or taking a week off to relax.

Treating myself will be a new technique I am trying for self motivation this year. Reminding yourself of why you are working towards your goals and what they will ultimately lead to will help keep you feeling motivated for longer.


I have made a small network of online friends to talk to if I need the extra advice. You may find support within a Facebook group or through a friend, working towards a big goal on your own can be tough. You will at times face doubt and lack of motivation. When this happens it is OK to take time out, sometimes the distance from a goal can bring answers.

Having a support network be that online or off can help you for when times get tough. An accountability partner is someone who helps you stick to your commitments and keeps you on track with your goals. Tell someone you trust about your plans for this year and make it a routine to talk to them about your progress every few months.

If you at any point have any concerns with your film career this year feel free to send me an email or message on Twitter. I will help answer all I can.

Best of luck goal setting for this new year! What is your main career goal for this new year? Let me and others know in the comments section below.

Resources - Time Magazine - How to Motivate Yourself: 3 Steps Backed By Science |Medium - How to Work Hard Without Burnout 

You can find me via Twitter here - @amyclarkefilms