What to do if no one supports your dream?

what if no one supports your dream

OK so you have a great idea, a dream, something that you really want to do ...

You decide to tell someone about that dream - be that a parent, a friend, a stranger ...

And this what is likely to happen

They passively put you down, they let you know that the dream you have is going to be too difficult to achieve. They let you know that dreams cost money and that competition is too high. That you are not rich enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough to make that dream happen.

Why do people quickly choose not to support your dream?

I feel that the most common reason is not out of spite , but that people just don’t understand what it is you are trying to do. They don’t understand how a dream can be placed into reality. If you tell people that you want to be a film director at some point someone will tell you that you can’t.  

They can only see the struggle

Why can't you do it = You don’t have money, It will be hard, you are not talented enough

Why you can do it = You can make money, you have time, you can learn and you will get better

It is the fear of the unknown, people try to project their own life onto you – they could not do it so how could you. My life would have gone a lot smoother had I chosen a more routine job a 9-5. Yet still I am glad I choose to pursue my dream because if I had not , then I would deeply regret not trying.

Hey, if in 10 years time I decide that filmmaking is not for me , then so be it, I can change course in my life and I would have no regrets and that is fine – it's fine to change your mind, I give you permission to do that.

But regret could eat away at you for ever.

People simple do not understand how you can make your dream happen. How your dream can make money, likely they are not trying to put you down but trying to help. Because they want you to have a good life, and to them a good life means stability within a traditionally respectful job.

Most people do not have wild dreams or passions, it is a shame but count yourself lucky if you do, it givespurpose to your life, it gives you a drive. If it wasn’t for my dream I would not have met so many different people or travelled as much as I have. As difficult as it can be - high ambition can give back too.

Every now and then I get an email from a student asking me for the permission to go follow theirdreams. I feel that if you really want to do something, nothing can stop you anyway, do what makes you happy, don’t regret and if you change you mind along the way you can change course.

Then there are those few who put you down through jealousy. People get jealous when they hear you are doing something that they believe they can't do (yet secretly wish they could).

You tell anyone in the world you plan on becoming a rock star you will be told it’s too hard or impossible - but still there are rock stars out there and they all began with a dream.

In all do what makes you happy, surround yourself with positive people and don’t regret.  

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