The best Indie film blogs and filmmaker YouTube channels of 2018

This is a film making Blog and Vlog round up! There are a bunch of filmmakers creating useful posts and videos online who you may be interested in following.

This is a list of my own personal favourites.

My criteria for this list was that the Bloggers and YouTubers must be independent, actively making content and have been doing so for at least a year. I am sure you know of a few larger sites out there but I aim to introduce you to new creators.

PS - I will keep this list updated!

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Indie Film Blogs

1. Stephen Follows

Stephen’s blog is a film data blog. He carries out exceptionally detailed research into the film industry. This is an undoubtedly useful look into how the business works Read Here

2. Hollywood Juicer

Michael writes about working below the line in Hollywood. He has recently retired from a long career as a spark. His weekly posts offer a priceless insight into the reality of working within a film crew. Read Here

3. Any Possibility

Sam’s blog is focused on Screenwriting. Although predominantly in LA, I am sure her advice would be helpful to all screenwriters. Including script writing advice, industry know how and interviews. Read Here

4. The Anonymous Production Assistant

TAPA has been blogging for the past 10 years on working as a Production Assistant in LA. Advice on Entry Level Jobs and getting your first job in film. Features also the weekly UTA jobs list. Read Here

5. Noam Kroll

Noam is a long standing blogger, you can find hundreds of blog posts on the topic of Cinematography and general filmmaking. He updates his site regularly and has also launched a weekly podcast. Read Here

Filmmaker YouTube Channels

Currently online there are a lot more filmmaking YouTubers than there are bloggers. These are some of the YouTubers I follow producing weekly videos on various filmmaking topics.

1. D4Darious

Darious is a very popular YouTuber who teaches all-round filmmaking advice whilst creating his own productions. He has recently released his self funded documentary debut feature film on YouTube. Watch Here

2. The Film Look

Rob and Rich teach micro budget filmmaking. Weekly advice on how to make your film look cinematic despite having a small budget. Watch Here

3. Creative North

Jonny and his team focus on Documentary Filmmaking. After selling their first feature documentary to Netflix they are now making a second and showing you their process step by step. Watch Here

4. Beyond Film School

Amber works as a 1st AD and in her spare time makes these interesting Vlogs on working in the film industry. She discusses the reality of working on set and what to expect. Watch Here

5. Story Greenlight

Jeff is a full time television show Editor for several major production companies. His YouTube channel focuses on Editing and storytelling techniques. Watch Here

6. The Directors Logbook

Jay has just finished production on her debut feature film. Her videos are full of tips for beginner filmmakers from writing your screenplay, to directing actors and editing your film. Watch Here

7. Nate’s Film Tutorials

Nate uploads weekly tutorials on camera gear reviews and budget filmmaking equipment. He’s got buckets of advice on what gear to buy especially if you have a limited budget. Watch Here

8. Nadia Charlene

Nadia is a fairly new YouTuber she recently graduated from Film School and is now working as a PA. Her videos document her experiences starting a career in film as she climbs to the top of the industry ladder. Watch Here

Let me know if there are any more film blogs or YouTube filmmakers I should check out.

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