What Film Career Is Best For You? Take The Quiz

This is a fun little ‘what job should i have quiz’. If you are wondering ‘where do i fit in the film industry’ maybe this quiz can help shine some light into what jobs are out there -

what job should i have quiz.jpg

Unsure What Film Job Is Right For you?

This quiz is just for fun, so don’t take your results seriously. Every week I get an abundance of emails from people all over the world interested in working in the film industry. Half of them already know what job or department they would like to work within;  the other half, however is interested in film work but have no idea what job they should pursue.

Whatever half you fit in, the best way to approach the film industry is with curiosity and open mindedness. There are hundreds of jobs within and around this industry. You may only know of the major crew roles right now.

It is only through studying and working in film that you can fully understand these roles, how they all work together and where you fit in.

If you are seriously considering a career in film, then these resources below could be useful -

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