What to do after graduating from film school?

What to do after graduating from film school. In this post I have created an infograph route map and listed the 5 main steps you can take to move forwards with your career.

No matter what job you want in film, either of these paths could work. There is no right or wrong route to take when it comes to a film career. There is also a list of jobs you can get with a film degree at the bottom of this post.

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1. Entry Level Full Time Jobs

If you want the security of a full time job after film school (monthly pay and benefits) then there are full time film jobs you can apply for. The majority of these will start out as office admin based work as opposed to being on set amongst a crew.

These jobs will be advertised on major sites such as Indeed or LinkedIn. Production companies might also list these jobs on their own careers pages

i.e. Lucas Films or the BBC

If you don’t wish to relocate you could use Google Maps to check what media companies are based near you.

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2. Freelance Film Work

Often crew jobs are hired on a freelance basis. As a freelancer you will be in charge of finding your own work and sorting out your own tax. Finding enough work to support yourself full time as a freelancer is hard, it can take many years for this route to be financially reliable.

If you are going to freelance straight after film school then you might wish to take on a part time flexible job for more security. To freelance in film (especially if on feature film sets) it is helpful to choose one specific job role to be known for. Search for work weekly and in time people will begin to call you up with job offers.

My E book ‘Find Work In Film’ explains step by step how to find work and freelance in the film industry - Find Out More Here

3. Make your own films

If your goal is to be an independent filmmaker then you can dive straight into making your own productions. You will need to find or write a screenplay and discover a way to fund your own films. The aim of an independent film producer / director is to make a film that gets you noticed. This may mean having your film screened at film festivals and selling it to a distributor.

It can take many years to finish a feature length project so you will need another income source along the way. Another option is YouTube and online content creation.

4. Start your own company

This may be a focused film production company that does only one genre such as weddings, online commercials or music videos. Alternatively you might take on any work that pays starting out with smaller jobs such as event filming and progressing throughout the years. I have known people to do this successfully; it helps to have a small team of people who get along well together and some start up money.

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5. Any Job will do

If you are undecided on what to do when your graduate film school then any job will do. This could be a job related to your degree or something else entirely. After all it doesn’t matter if you don’t take your path into film straight away. I have made the mistake before of thinking I have to have everything sorted by a specific amount of time.

Any job will do to pay the bills, give you experience and insight into what type of work you enjoy.  

Here is a list of careers that welcome a film production degree -

  • Film and Media Teacher

  • Web Content Producer

  • Television show Production Runner

  • Programme Researcher

  • Broadcast Journalist

  • Film Archivist

  • Cultural Administrator

  • Editorial Assistant for TV or VOD

  • Rental House Technician

  • Film Festival Coordinator

    You can find details on all these jobs and more on the Prospects website - Read Here

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