Work From Home Job Ideas For Filmmakers

Do you dream of working from home? Or maybe you just want a side gig for security between film jobs. This is a list of creative work from home job ideas for filmmakers.

A lot of these jobs below will take time to build client trust and a portfolio. However, if you are looking for work immediately you might find freelancer job sites helpful - Upwork, Fiver, People per hour, and Freelancer.

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#1. YouTuber

Although it’s not easy, making a living from YouTube is possible. I know this because even my small YouTube channel is already making a monthly profit. You can make a YouTube channel on any topic, but having a niche and a defined audience will make it easier. Making a profit from YouTube comes from video ads, affiliate links, promotion, and selling products.

YouTube is the most obvious of the work from home job ideas for filmmakers on the list. If you are thinking of starting check out Tips with Trena for advice on how to make a profitable channel.

#2. Online Teacher

People will pay you to teach them new skills. This could be on any topic, whether technical or career-based. Teaching can be taught through 1-1 sessions on Skype to selling an online course. To find clients you would need to create a website and spend time marketing your lessons. If you are a qualified media teacher you have more options such as signing up to tutor sites such as K12 and Tutor.

#3. Online Videographer

I have seen job advertisements for filmmakers to create YouTube video openings, lyric music videos, shoot website commercials, and make PowerPoint presentations. There is a lot of niche work from home job ideas within online content creation. To make this a full-time job you would need to do some market research and heavy self-promotion.

Promoting your services can be done through a mix of social media, website creation, advertisements, YouTube videos, and working with other freelancers.

#4. Virtual Producer

People will pay you to help them get their film made. From preparing business plans to helping secure locations and create schedules. I have seen a few freelance gigs along the lines of virtual producer, from what I can see it works similarly to a virtual assistant. These days it's possible to carry out a lot of film jobs with a laptop and internet connection.

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#5. Screenwriter

You can easily work from home as a screenwriter, but to make a full-time income you might need to diversify what you write. As well as working on screenplays, you can get paid to write online video scripts, voice-overs, and work as a script editor. If you have the language skills you can also get paid to translate and subtitle videos.

As a writer, you're in a good job position to make working from home a reality. Additionally, you could also write articles on the side, a helpful site I have found is The Freelancers Year.

#6. Video Editor

As a video editor, you can work for a company or from your home office. There are lots of people out there who will pay for you to edit their videos, from YouTubers to production companies outsourcing work. You will need to create a website, take the time to promote your services, and build up a reputation. You could also build up your skills to offer more services. For example, additional video editor job ideas are colourist, motion graphics artist, and visual effects editor.

#7. Sound Editor

If you work in the sound department you can use your knowledge to offer virtual sound assistance. People will pay you to fix their sound issues from projects big and small. You can offer a range of sound mixing packages, and help people create quality post-production sound for films. From helping with ADR, foley sounds, and sourcing music. If you are a musician you can even offer basic video composing and sell background music online.

#8. Online Animator

People will pay you to create animations for video openings, commercials, and online product videos. This can be any technique of animation from stop-motion to 3D visual effects. Similar to online videographer you will need to carry out market research and find what people are willing to pay for. It will take time to build a portfolio and promote your services but it is possible to make a living as a home-based animator.

#9. Concept Artist

If you are an artist, illustrator, or graphic designer you can market your skills to the film industry. This could be through concept art, character design, storyboards, or logo creation for production companies. You will need to communicate effectively with the filmmakers through Skype and perhaps have some 1-1 meetings but mainly this work can all be down from a home office.

I recently created a video tour of my own work from home office. I’m hoping to get back into YouTube and thought I would start with something simple -

I hope this list of work from home job ideas has been helpful. You can make a living working from home as a filmmaker, you just need to be clever with what services you offer.