1-1 Filmmaker CV Service

Struggling to get a job in film? Do you Need help applying to more jobs, defining your job role, Not getting enough Replies to job applications.

My 1-1 CV service for filmmakers helps you achieve the next step in your career.

I will help you understand what jobs to start applying for, I will narrow down your job focus and get that CV of yours into perfect format. Sometimes you simple need a fresh pair eyes to look over your plans before you can see what is working and what is not. 

I want you to get that job you have been dreaming of, it won't be easy, but it is possible. Imagine that within a week's time you will have a clear view on where you are heading towards in your career. 

My name is Amy Clarke I have created this service to help filmmakers just like you. When I started out in film I jumped in head first, making many mistakes, uncertain where I was heading and what I wanted. My service is built to save you the time, late nights and mistakes I have made when applying to film jobs

Filmmaker CV Service Amy Clarke Films

A personalised CV Service for filmmakers - Here is what you get -

  • A New CV Design - with up to 3 re-drafts 
  • A CV Report - letting you know what was changed and why
  • Examples of jobs to apply for X10 steps and actions to take in your career
  • Cover letter samples for you to use X2
  • Email support throughout, questions , concerns all answered 
  • A Checkup after 3 months - any further advice given 
  • The Find work in Film workbook and access to the video course

With this package you also get The Find Work in Film Workbook and access to the mini video course The Film crew Course This is a complete package everything you need to get started with 1-1 support.

"I was extremely impressed, I was 100% satisfied with the service. I agree with everything said. I'm really trying to find something I don't like about that service in order to give you a constructive criticism but I think you nailed it!  I genuinely feel like I've received professional advice and not just a suggestion from a friend." -  Lukasz
" What I loved about the service is that I got loads of real job examples I could apply to immediately and personalised cover letter examples which I have used and adapted to all my applications since then." - Pilar

My Guarantee - I don't have a money back guarantee as this service requires plenty of  personal time from me . However I will carry out up to 3  CV re-drafts if needed. I wish everyone to be happy with this service. We can discuss and solve any questions or concerns you have about finding work in film during our time together. 

But Filmmakers don't need CVs? - When you first start applying to jobs in the film industry you will be asked to send over a CV. The design and structure of a filmmaker CV is different to that of any ordinary job.

But can I not just find CV templates online and copy them? - Yes you can, I even have a free CV template for download on my blog, however every individual has a unique goal and purpose towards their CV. I adjust your current CV to make it more focused and distinct. I also write a report with job examples that you can apply for, with plenty of advice on how to move forwards in your career.

This service is for all filmmakers, for those just starting out,  for those changing their careers over to the film industry. The CVs I have designed so far have come from individuals at different stages in their career. This service is for any crew job. 

"Working with Amy, allows you to receive actionable feedback. She helps refine your CV to not only read better, but be representative of the job you want. Her notes also provide advice on how to work on achieving your future film job goals. I feel more confident in my CV format and overall content. I appreciated Amy's detailed effort and support during this process. " Ari

"I loved the course! It really showed me how a film set works. My favorite part was the lesson that explained how a normal shooting day goes. I found it so interesting and it is also helpful because now I know what to expect, where as before it would have been so chaotic for me if I started working on a film set." Ainhoa


When will I get my CV re-design/ report? - I am going to be working on a first come first serve basis. As soon as you fill out the online questionnaire (sent to you by email when you sign up) and send me over your CV I can begin.  I will let you know via email on the day of purchase how long the waiting time is at that moment. I will also send you the Ebook and access to the course straight away.

Do Filmmakers need a CV? - During the middle and end of your career you will have made enough contacts to not have to rely on sending out CVs, but it is requested for new entrants to hand over CVs. I have always been asked to send over a CV for any film job I have got, even if I was recommended. 

What is the report? - Instead of only re-editing your CV I also send out a report PDF (around 1000 words) letting you know what I changed on the CV and why. Here I also talk more in depth about your career and give advice on what steps to take next to reach your ultimate goal (the dream job). I search and find jobs I think you should apply for, I let you know what my first impressions were of the CV and also include cover letter examples. I try to make the job application process as easy for you as possible so when the service is complete you can start applying to jobs straight away.