Find Work in Film Workbook & The Film crew Course Bundle!

Do you want to find more work in the film industry?

In my E-book Find Work In Film , I will teach you how to apply to film jobs the right way. This is a step by step guide with all of the resources you need to begin. You will learn the correct way to apply to film jobs online, how to design your CV and Cover Letters. 

Understand how to work as part of a film crew!

My online Video course teaches you the basics of film crew work. This is what was missing from your education. How to work as part of a film crew. How to behave on a film set. What to expect from a typical film set work day. Find out more here

The E-book is an amazing idea, I can use the pre-made templates to design my own CV quickly, the examples throughout let me know I am applying (to jobs) correctly
— Joseph (Editor)

Inside this E-Book you will find

  • Steps on how to find and apply to film work
  • Details on how to design a filmmaker CV
  • Filmmaker CV design examples
  • Details on how to design Cover Letters
  • Film job Cover Letter examples
  • Email copy for job applying
  • CV design fill out templates

With this course you will learn

  • The Film Production work flow
  • Breakdown of entry level job roles
  • Breakdown of a typical 12 hour work day
  • Hierarchy and Etiquette on set
  • Film set Language and jargon
  • Difference between full time and freelance work
  • Job routes and pay expectations

I really loved doing this course. I studied Film at university so it was great to read the thoughts of someone who had similar experiences when undertaking practical work. I also love that the course was able to teach me things about the industry I wasn’t taught at university. Would definitely recommend!
— Jaye (Recent Film Graduate)


  • What happens when i buy - you will receive a link to download the E-book and I will sign you up to the online course
  • What film jobs does this cover - you can apply these techniques to all film industry jobs Crew jobs and full time work
  • Will this work for any country - yes film work is universal (jobs are applied for in the same way in every country)
  • Is there a refund - due to the digital nature of the book i wont be able to give refunds 

This book is perfect for you if you are  -

  • Brand New to the film industry
  • Currently working in film and wish to find more work
  • Making a career change over to film
I also found Amy to be really encouraging. Her feedback gave me a lot of hope that finding a job in film, even if difficult, is totally possible if one if willing to put the work in. I would totally recommend Amy’s CV service, especially to career changers like myself!
— Pilar (Assistant Producer)

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