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1-1 CV Service
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  • CV Creation (Even with no prior film experience)
  • Help Niching and finding what job role to pursue right now
  • A CV Report - letting you know what changes have been made to your CV, personalised tips for finding work and getting started in your film career.

Objective – To understand what job to pursue and how that fits into your long term goals, peace of mind when applying to work that you are applying correctly. A completed CV ready for you to start send off to film industry jobs.


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Amy helps refine your CV to not only read better, but be representative of the job you want. Her notes also provide advice on how to work on achieving your future film job goals.
— Arr (Cinematographer)


I loved the course! It really showed me how a film set works. My favorite part was the lesson that explained how a normal shooting day goes. I found it so interesting and it is also helpful because now I know what to expect, where as before it would have been so chaotic for me if I started working on a film set.
— Ainhoa (Production Assistant)
What I loved about the service is that I got loads of real job examples I could apply to immediately and personalised cover letter examples which I have used and adapted to all my applications since then.
— Pilar (Assistant Producer)
I was extremely impressed, I was 100% satisfied with the service. genuinely feel like I’ve received professional advice and not just a suggestion from a friend.
— Lukasz (Documentary Filmmaker)
I also found Amy to be really encouraging. Her feedback gave me a lot of hope that finding a job in film, even if difficult, is totally possible if one if willing to put the work in. I would totally recommend Amy’s CV service, especially to career changers like myself
— Pilar (Assistant Producer)